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Integrative Mind Body Therapy, LLC

Lisa Fracica, LCPC, LPC, LGPAT, ATR-P

Licensed Counselor and Art Therapist

in Maryland and South Carolina

Virtual Therapy Only

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, the effects of trauma, relationship challenges, or other issues? I provide a safe supportive nonjudgmental space that facilitates healing and growth.                           



Counseling, Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, and Mind Body approaches 

My Approach

My therapy approach is one of going a bit deeper to look for the source of mental health issues. Finding the start of difficulties then helps to construct a pathway to healing. I also aid clients in working on changing established behavior patterns that were initially adaptive earlier in life but are no longer helpful. These approaches take time and patience but ultimately result in more genuine healing and change than utilizing quick fixes.

In addition to my counseling and art therapy training, I am an award-winning artist with an MFA degree in painting from SACI in Florence, Italy. Also, as someone who is interested in non-Western approaches to healing, I'm pursuing a doctoral degree in Mind Body Medicine at Saybrook University. I often incorporate new knowledge and techniques from my studies into my work with clients. 

The philosophy that underlies my work is that it is important to provide help to those who ask for it, especially for those who do not have much support from family or friends. Finally, the most frequent feedback I have received from clients is that I am kind and caring.

My Approach

Artist Palette
Art Showing The Great Round

The purpose of art therapy is to facilitate self-expression and acquire new insights. It does not require any art training or talent. Also, only basic art supplies are needed to start such as a set of markers, colored pencils, or watercolor paints.


For clients who would like art therapy, we usually spend the first 30 minutes of the session talking about any issues that have arisen since the last session, then spend the last 25 minutes on art. Usually, I suggest a theme or focus for the artwork that relates to a client's therapeutic concerns. This can include using art to process traumatic experiences. Sometimes it is much easier to express really difficult experiences using art materials instead of speaking about them. Drawing or painting allows you to separate yourself from them because they are expressed on paper, allowing you to step back and discuss them.

Mandala Assessment Research
Instrument (MARI)

In addition to general art therapy work, I also offer the MARI. It is a symbols-based experience that is based on Jungian psychology. It accesses unconscious states of mind that we are only vaguely aware of. Reaching that part of the psyche can reveal and validate present-day concerns. It is done online by choosing nine cards with abstract symbols that resonate along with color cards that seem to fit with the symbols. For more information, a link is provided below. 

Art Therapy
Calm Scene

Contact Me

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Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10am- 5pm

Insurances accepted: Aetna, Cigna and Evernorth, Johns Hopkins EHP, Optum, Optum EAP, and United Healthcare UHC/UBH

Self Pay: $125 per session

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